The automotive sector is one of the most competitive in the world, and it is even more competitive in motorsport: the ability to quickly create new components is fundamental to improve the overall performance.

The 3D printing process offers the possibility of prototyping, testing and producing components and templates in scale (1:1 or smaller), with extreme rapidity, efficiency and an excellent relationship between timing and production cost.

In addition, rapid prototyping allows you to make design changes both during the work and in the post-production phase, with a direct pre-check on an assembly before the individual components are approved for production.

The reproduction of a component takes place in one step: the model defined in the CAD file is sent directly to the 3D printer which will take care of its realization autonomously.

Hexathron Racing Systems is now able to offer this new service to its customers, in addition to the consolidated engineering, design and simulation activities.

Thanks to the acquisition of a latest generation Ultimaker S5 Pro 3D printer equipped with Material Station, our engineers are able to produce products with FDM technology with an accuracy of 20 µm, made in one of the following materials: PLA, Though PLA, ABS, Nylon, CPE, CPE+, PC, TPU, TPU95A, PP, PVA, 2.85 mm third party materials.

Our customers can see realized their “one-off” ideas and projects without any forced use of third-party tools, which often require a minimum batch of produced parts in order to keep low the costs and to have them as soon as possible.

The advantages in terms of time and costs are evident, for example, in recreating also parts for cars that are no longer in production.

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