Marco CalovoloI was asked to write notes on some topics that may be interesting for motorsport fans. Original idea… Many pens for years reporting and commenting, with incredible precision, the thousand points of this world. Too many to assume a way of originality, an unreleased cut , a new light. Today stories with yesterday stories. No, I can only say that I have gone through many, too many years of desire racing, adrenaline sometimes excessive, of deep strain for something that did not work as it should, the desire to step up and nothing else.

America’s Cup states says that “there is no second” and it is true, there is no second. If you do not think so, if you do not live to taste that feeling of total, all-powerful thrill that goes through you when you know you’re the best, well ,everything else will be just the distance that still separates you from being number one. For a fleeting, eternal, intense moment.

I went through many, too many years of racing and I’m sure and I know that I had the lucky to witness a unique and unrepeatable era of motorsport over the last thirty years. The first shiny, shaky and clumsy steps in the olympus of world rallying. Almost too good to be true. The meeting, held with the Technical Director, character able to defuse the recruitment examination in a lesson, private, of technique and dynamics of the vehicle.

I realize that I have the decency to write the names of people who have taught all over the world as it is conceived, it designs, builds, develops and makes it unbeatable, because it was unbeatable, a rally car. Names already, and much better, celebrated. And then the years of the DTM, the single seaters and the Formula 1 world, the Italian and European Touring Car series, and again the european rally till – hopefully for much longer time – the World Touring Car Championship.

I was so lucky to be there at the right time and get to know them, and others like them later. Famous and less famous, many of them still around race tracks, some already retired since many years.

Many times the witness, sometimes the protagonist, under the podium and at times less easy.

You learn one thing over the years: you can count the perfects races on one hand, almost never the ones in which everything went smoothly, many of them the same that have burnt your mind in order to solve some stupid problems.

It ‘s incredible how everything seems easy , in retrospect, when you get the result. Although up to the last it was all uphill. Then, a choice of tires beyond the common sense with the wet track, a twisted set up to a car already winning but did you know,  better, you were wandering  that could not take the whole race. And, when it goes well, the embrace of your driver, or a pat in the back and go, turn the page and you restart from scratch.

Yes, after it’s easy.

Marco Calovolo