gamma-mak-2015-MAK Wheels is one of the most important wheel manufacturer in the world for street and racing cars..

Its catalogue includes over 50 different wheel models with several customization and colours; in add, MAK Wheels has dedicated car-importer list to meet the different features of each car model.

The success of MAK wheels was based on a correct strategic planning, keeping into consideration two fundamental advantages: flexibility and styling.

Flexibility is for MAK Wheels a rather wide concept. It is first of all mental: all customers are different and have a right to be considered differently, according to the exigencies of their country and of their company structure. This attention to the customer’s needs naturally evolves into a very friendly attitude, which is one of the most prominent features our customers find in MAK Wheels. This greatest flexibility is nevertheless in the production field: we can offer minimum casting lots of 150 wheels and machining lots of 50 pieces if you require special applications; but consider that, having in stock about 60.000 wheels, MAK Wheels manages to deliver most orders in a week’s time. If the wheels still have to be casted, delivery times vary from 4 to 5 weeks on average.

Since 2010, MAK Wheels is official partner of Lotus Cup Italy thanks to MAK XLR wheels. This product is the perfect mix between lightness, reliability and performance, with a unique style. Earlier on Lotus Exige, Evora and 2-Eleven, and now on Lotus Elise Cup PB-R, the MAK XLR is fitting now over 15 cars, with more than 300 wheels provided to teams and customers from 2014 to nowadays.


MAK Wheels (cerchi sportivi)

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