WHAT IS THIS? Hexathron Racing Systems offers an innovative drivers training system, in collaboration with ARC-Team Engineering, for all drivers (who come from GT series, Formula or Touring) aiming to learn circuits and to improve own skills and performance, using the best and most performing technologies of simulation and driving control. This is HRS Drivers Training System, a professional driving simulator installed on a motion platform that use D-BOX actuators and controlled by a motion cueing called “PRO”. The simulator is set in front of a wraparound screen (width: 4 meters – height: 2 meters – curve: 220°), three Full HD beamers with a ultra-wide optical for a total immersion. The simulator is controlled by an operator/engineer who managed everything with a multi-monitors system. The driver is linked to our staff by intercom to have some real-time information.

THE SIMULATOR: HRS Drivers Training System has been developed thanks to the valuable cooperation and advice of teams and professional and international racing drivers, from Formula 4 to Formula 1. The simulation software includes a physics model for different kind of cars with realistic features. It can simulate a private test session or a race with virtual opponents. The virtual car has more than 120 set-up parameters; at the beginning of every session, the simulator is prepared with an optimal setup developed by our tester, and it can be modified during the session.

The target is to improve driving skill and perceptions by mental and physical stress; the driver must maintain the maximum concentration to get consistent lap times as well as faster reaction. Furthermore, each element is well represented: layout paths, car behavior and handling, setup adjustments (over 120 independent settings). At the beginning of each session we provide an optimal setup developed by our testers that can be adjusted according to each driver’s needs.

All reproduced cars in the simulator are “standard”. We can replicate the correct physics model as writed in the manufacturer’s manuals. This kind of work can be requested from any team to prepare exactly its virtual car and to try aeromap and mechanical configurations, with a very high level of realism. By request, we can develop a precise model of your race car. Hexathron Racing Systems is available to sign a NDA to protect all your informations and we can provide, for sale, a complete simulation platform using different visualization system and different kind of software, in case you need more features.

WHO HAS ALREADY BELIEVED IN US: This training system has already received many positive feedbacks, among those who believed in this project as important drivers as: Andrea Piccini, Davide Valsecchi, Alex Fontana, Marc Gené, Marco Bonanomi, Andrea Montermini, Toni Vilander, Sam Bird, Stefano Coletti, James Thompson, Giorgio Mondini, Mikhail Kozlowskiy, Johnny Cecotto Jr, Adrian Zaugg, Raffaele Giammaria, Niccolò Schirò, Julian Leal, Stephane Richelmi, Giacomo Ricci, Mikhail Spiridonov, Alberto Valerio, Andrea Piccini, Andreas Zuber, Vicky Piria, Michela Cerruti, Claudio Formenti, Antonio Spavone, Sebastian Merchan, Andrea Palma, Gerrard Barrabeig, Francesco Bracotti, Carlos Iaconelli, Michael Dalle Stelle, Alvaro Parente, Edoardo Piscopo, Vladimir Arabadzhiev, Plamen Kralev, Mirko Zanardini, Gian Maria Gabbiani, Fabio Onidi and much more. Among the teams and other motorsport realities we have: Durango, Qi-Meritus, GP Racing Piquet Sports, Team Lazarus, Trident Racing, Coloni Motorsport, Barwa Addax, Rapax, Corbetta Competizioni, Team Kinetic, LADA Sport, ACI Sport, Eurointernational, Zele Racing, TS Corse, EmmeBi Motorsport, LineRace Technology, MG-Motorsport, MAC Competition GSK, Green Goblin, RP Motorsport, Team Costa Rica, Torino Motorsport and University of Salerno.

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If you need more informations about our technology or if you want to know price list and availability, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our engineers are available to show you all simulator’s features, we will be happy to help you and to share our passion about HRS Drivers Training System!

NOTE: the simulator could cause nausea or malaise. We suggest to take antiemetic tablet 20 minutes before the training session (on request we can supply it). The booked session assumes the implicit acceptance, if it no possible to drive for a malaise, that we charge 50% of the hourly price to cover fixed costs. We require to be punctual with the scheduled times to allow to other drivers to work on time in the same day.