Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR – Romeo Ferraris was officially unveiled last weekend in Spain, at MotorLand Aragón, during the first Pure ETCR promotional event on track. Michela Cerruti (Operations Manager of Romeo Ferraris) and Jean-Karl Vernay, who’s already confirmed as the driver for the debut of the Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR, took the veils off the “full electric” sedan.

The car’s design immediately aroused great interest among insiders and enthusiasts, who appreciated the aggressiveness of the shapes and the originality of several details which were not unnoticed. Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR was entirely designed and engineered by the Hexathron Racing Systems R&D department headed by engineer Maurizio Soro, with the constant support of Marco Calovolo (CEO of the engineering company based in Milan).

The collaboration with Romeo Ferraris dates back to 2018, when Hexathron Racing Systems was asked to redesign some details of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta WTCR front suspension, which led to a marked improvement in performance. The Team Mulsanne by Romeo Ferraris, directed by Michela Cerruti and Mario Ferraris, then masterfully finalized the great work done by obtaining, after numerous laurels in 2018 and 2019, the victory in the WTCR Trophy and the third place overall in the 2020 drivers’ standings.

Romeo Ferraris then assigned to Hexathron Racing Systems the full design of the Giulia ETCR, which has involved – for over a year – the engineers Maurizio Soro, Marco De Luciano, Erik Turlejski, Matteo Limongelli and Fabio Pennesi. The R&D department activity has involved the complete design of the rollcage, chassis modifications, steering, suspension, cockpit, braking system, lifting system, battery installation, powertrain and cooling system.

A big commitment was the design of the car body, having to combine performance and style, which involved the complete design of all the body surfaces and the optimization of the external and internal fluid dynamics, for the cooling ducts, with hundreds of hours of CFD simulation, everything carried on in synergy with Romeo Ferraris personnel.

The car, equipped with the 65 kWh (800 V) battery, will soon carry out the functional resolution at the sole supplier Williams Advanced Engineering. Magelec inverter, BrightLoop gearbox and converters, and fixed ratio electric motor will deliver a continuous power of 300 kW, with a peak of 500 kW (about 670 HP at 12000 rpm) with three available mappings, all for a total weight ( by regulation) of 1,750 Kg.

Marco Calovolo (CEO Hexathron Racing Systems): “After more than a year of intense work, we are proud that the Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR was finally unveiled to the general public last weekend in Aragon. The project has engaged us almost full-time for months, involving a total of six people from Hexathron Racing Systems in the various areas, in close collaboration with the Romeo Ferraris staff, whom I would like to personally thank for the availability and professionalism shown in every operational phase. It was also a great organizational effort on our part: in order to face the Covid-19 emergency and keep it fully operational, we activated a remote connection system that allowed us to continue our work during the spring lockdown. We are really excited, and I must confess thrilled too, of how much Alfa Romeo Giulia ETCR has been liked, as we have been able to see from the incredible interest on the web and social networks. Now we just have to see the car in action, compatibly with the timing of the resolution in the UK and with the weather conditions, and to follow the first development tests on the track with Romeo Ferraris.