Hexathron Racing Systems and ARC-Team join their knowledge and announce the creation of a new technological center dedicated to italian and european motorsport realities. The management of this complex will be featured Marco Calovolo (CEO of Hexathron Racing Systems, well known for his successes with Alfa Romeo, Honda, BMW and currently technical partner and race engineer of LADA Sport team in FIA WTCC) and Andrea Rossetti (President of ARC-Team), who will be joined by engineers and qualified staff to work on any modern simulation and engineering features, starting from F1Driving Vision Training simulator, system used in the last years by teams and drivers of many series, thanks to an innovative software. The targets are to increase the use of the simulator as service for teams, engineers and drivers for their formation and development of the vehicle, as well as to provide innovations for 3D modeling, technical consulting and engineering, design and project, support on track for testing and race weekends, specific products and services aimed at car manufacturers involved in motorsport.

Marco Calovolo (Hexathron Racing Systems): “For Hexathron Racing Systems, the joint venture with ARC-Team is a capital step to consolidate and expand the business in motorsport engineering. The skills acquired by our companies will be not only complementary but represent a new state-of the art of the working method to set up and manage innovative projects in any field of motorsport world. Through this project we hope also to improve the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ in the racing activities and programmes.

Andrea Rossetti (ARC-Team): “The important partnership with Hexathron Racing Systems is a great reward for us after the hard work done over the years, where we offered specific works on the simulator to drivers and teams of different series, founding ever positive opinions. This innovative center is a new step that will bring both companies to another level of products and services dedicated to motorsport and automotive worlds.