New important partnership in motorsport world between Hexathron Racing Systems and Cusco: the italian company directed by Marco Calovolo and the japanese one directed by Tsutomu Nagase have joined their forces for a new important partnership for racing parts promotion, sales and development.
Hexathron Racing Systems will be  a new reference point of Cusco in Europe as dealer of special parts as roll-cage, differential, gearbox, suspensions and other components produced in Japan and already succesfully used on many racing cars in different series like China Touring Car Championship, TCR, Super GT and much more.
In add, the italian company will be technical partner for Cusco about new parts development from 2016.

Marco Calovolo (Hexathron Racing Systems CEO): “We are proud to be part of Carrosser and Cusco family. I had the opportunity to visit their facilities in Japan and I have been really impressed about their work and technology. We were already in contact for racing purposes and now Hexathron Racing Systems and Cusco will be in a even closer relationship for the development of new racing parts. In the next months Cusco’s special parts and products will be available through our online shop and we are ready to support the teams who will choose these products for their own racing cars.