Last Saturday at Villa Acquaroli (Carvico, Italy) there was a fantastic prize giving ceremony and gala dinner with all Lotus Cup Italia drivers, teams and partners. Over 100 guests have attended the event (including Lotus Group Regional Manager, Mr. Marco Codega) in a fantastic location where four Lotus Elise Cup PB-R racing cars were set in the main entrance.

With Stefano d’Aste as presenter on the main stage, after the dinner there was a special award ceremony that involved all Lotus Cup Italia drivers starting from the first three position, with Luca Lorenzini as champion followed by Fabrizio Scolari and Mauro Guastamacchia. Among the team, awarded by engineer Marco Calovolo (Hexathron Racing Systems) Essecorse/Flower Power Racing got the first place with Siliprandi Racing as vice-champion and ScoRace Team in third step of the podium. Many applauses also for the Ladies Cup protagonists with Luli Del Castello as winner (4th overall) and Sharon Scolari in the second place.

Special rewards also to Hexathron Racing Systems and its staff: Marco Calovolo (for the car project and engineering support), Fabio Magnani (for the communication and for the simulator development) and Oscar Jimenez Martinez (for the technical and engineering support during the season); a great thanks to the series technical partners and to PB Racing staff for the hard work done during the season and for the cars assembly.

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The full album of the event is available here ->