All features about the new Lotus Elise Cup PB-R are almost defined. In these days the 6 speed sequential gerabox – projected by Hexathron Racing Systems in collaboration with PB Racing and Lotus Cars – is finishing the last test on dyno and it will be fitted on cars soon. This is one of the key part installed on the new car that will compete in the 2014 Lotus Cup Italia racing series: it will be a standard feature in the first fiftheen cars, available for sale at the incredible price of € 42.000,-. The Lotus Elise Cup PB-R can be ordered only from PB Racing (Lotus official dealer in Italy). For sure another great goal for Hexathron Racing Systems: our company taken care about the whole project, from aerodynamic package to mechanical new parts and the result is the incredible success noticed among drivers and teams in the latest weeks.