Luca “Giagua” Lorenzini is the new champion of Lotus Cup Italy! The strong driver from Mantua has been able to prevail over his opponents with a nail-biting final raced in Vallelunga last weekend. A triumph tht came only at the end of Race 2 with Giagua’s win, after the breaking of the axle shaft had stopped him in Race 1 before the green lights. At that point, with his main rival out of action, the swiss Fabrizio Scolari has also not been easy to get on the top step of the podium thanks to Franco Nespoli, who spun on the last lap just trying to overtake Scolari.

The second step of the podium has been for an excellent Luli Del Castello that keep Mauro Guastamacchia behind her Lotus, who’s worried by the return in the final laps of Sharon Scolari and Marco Coldani, this one penalized by a problem on the engine of his Lotus Elise Cup PB-R. Race 2, which saw the dominance of Luca Lorenzini, seen moments of apprehension due to a violent crash by Fabrizio Scolari, fortunately emerged unhurted after rolling several times at Curvone. With the red flag that marked the end of the race, Ivan Capelli (Siliprandi Racing) and Franco Nespoli (Cipriani Motorsport) joined Lorenzini on the podium.

Luca Lorenzini wins the title in Drivers’ standing with 169 points, five more than Fabrizio Scolari while Mauro Guastamacchia ended with 139 points. A praise to Luli Del Castelle who, in his first complete season in motorsport, finished in fourth place overall, collecting several podium conquering the title in “Ladies Cup.” As for the Drivers-Teams standing, the team Flower Power RacingEssecorse to bring home the primacy of 2014 season thanks to Luca Lorenzini and his young swiss team mate, Marco Fiore. Second place in the ranking for Siliprandi Racing, thanks to the excellent performance of Marco Coldani, Ivan Capelli and Stefano Caprotti while in third place ended the father-daughter duo formed by Fabrizio Scolari and Sharon Scolari.

Fiorello Fiore (Flower Power Racing): “I am delighted with the result we obtained in the first year of the new Lotus Cup Italy! We suffered till the last due to the problem had in Race 1, we thought to had lost everything but Luca Lorenzini was amazing and I’m really glad to have him in our team with Marco Fiore. A special mention to Stefano D’Aste and PB Racing guys for having set up in a short time a series with a fantastic car and I really think the Lotus Cup was the best championship that we have seen in Italy this year.

Stefano Secci (Essecorse): “As a team we’re really excited about we did in Lotus Cup Italy this year: the championship started a bit on the sly but that turned out to be very interesting in every aspect, from the friendly paddock to the extraordinary quality of the Lotus Elise Cup PB-R, for which I have to compliment PB Racing and Hexathron Racing Systems: it is a very reliable car, fast, fun to drive as well as a valuable springboard for young people that would race on a GT but do not have enough budget. Our congratulations to Luca Lorenzini and Marco Fiore that allowed us, along with the Flower Power Racing in the person of Fiorello Fiore, to be champions of Lotus Cup Italy 2014!