On the eve of a new important motorsport season, for Hexathron Racing Systems is time for a new agreement with a top-level company in the automotive world. The company based in Milan has finalized a joint-venture with MAK Wheels becoming one of them sales dealer for car rims and wheels; during the next weeks, MAK Wheels products (which also equip Lotus Cup Italia race cars) will be available for purchase on Hexathron Racing Systems online store and through the commercial division, with a catalog / price list dedicated to automotive and motorsport customers, both for privates and retailers, at very affordable prices.

Marco Calovolo (Hexathron Racing Systems CEO): “It is very important for us to expand our commercial reality with another important international joint-venture: after Winmax Brake Pads, Cusco and ARC-Team Engineering, also MAK Wheels becomes part of our package of products for automotive and motorsport realities. Their wheels are a top quality product, used also on Lotus Elise Cup PB-R and alreadyfitted on many other cars, thanks to own original design and high-level technical features, with an excellent price/quality ratio; their products will be available soon on our online shop.