Hexathron Racing Systems has developed an effective working methodology aboute remote support for drivers, teams and race cars.

Thanks to modern technologies, from Hexathron’s main office located in Milan (Italy), our engineers are able to support the customer who’s working in any racetrack (or rally special stage) in the world, in real time. Remote services offered include:


In this way our customers can have our support everytime and everywhere, even in particular situations determined by factors that do not allow the engineer to be present on site.
This is possible thanks to the reserved audio-video connection, through dedicated and easy-to-use software.

Car set-up, procedures, data analysis related to the car and the driver’s coaching, strategies, performance analysis and onboard video, sensor control and much more can be done through remote engineering.

This activity even allows, if the model of the car in use is also present on our professional driving simulator, to have an immediate comparison between the datas and try new solutions before transposing them on the real car in time for the next scheduled session.

For further informations don’t hesitate to contact us, our team is available for you!